Vita di Lago - Lake Life Contest Rules


Verzasca FOTO Association
6634 Brione (Verzasca)

in collaboration with "Centro di competenza Lago Maggiore" (CcLM) / "Ente Regionale per lo Sviluppo del Locarnese e Vallemaggia" (ERS-LVM) and the "Isole di Brissago" - Brissago Islands.

The contest is open to all people who have reached the age of 18 by the 1st of June 2015, irrespective of nationality or residence. Excluded from the competition are the staff of: Verzasca FOTO Association, Centro di competenza Lago Maggiore (CcLM), Ente Regionale per lo Sviluppo del Locarnese e Vallemaggia (ERS-LVM) and Isole di Brissago. Moreover are excluded sponsors, jury members, and all family members related to every category.

You can submit your images from the 1st of June 2015 12:00:00 (CEST). Deadline will be the 31st of March 2016 at 23:59:59 (CEST). The winners will be announced within the 30th of April 2016.

Contest theme and submission conditions
The theme is «Lake Life – The Swiss basin of the Lago Maggiore».
Every participant can submit 1 photo.
The format of the image must be: JPEG, colour or monochrome, maximum 1.5 MB.
No limitation of when the photo has been taken.
Both analogical (scanned from negative or slide) and digital images are allowed.
Participants must own the original file, which must allow print on poster dimensions (minimum 1 meter x 1 meter). The jury may exclude non-suitable images. The longer side should be minimum 3500 pixels at 300 dpi.
A file name with reference to the identity of the participant (first name, last name, nick name) is not accepted.
In order to confirm your registration it is required to specify in the title field, the location where the image has been taken and a brief description of your photo.

1st place: CHF 1'000.00 + collective exhibition at the Brissago Islands + voucher of CHF 250.00 for a photography workshop organized by the promoter.
2nd place: CHF 500.00 + collective exhibition at the Brissago Islands.
3rd place: CHF 250.00 + collective exhibition at the Brissago Islands.
4th to 10th place: Collective exhibition at the Brissago Islands.
The winners will be notified both by phone and e-mail.

Award ceremony
The award ceremony will take place at the Brissago Islands, Switzerland (Isole di Brissago), at the opening of the exhibition in the year 2016 (the exact date will be announced later on the promoters' website). Awards delivery deadline is the 31st of August 2016.

The jury is composed by 3 professional photographers and/or people related to photography. The names of the jury members will be published on the promoters' website.
Photos and personal data of the participants will be unlinked to assure complete anonymity.
Jury decisions are incontestable and unappealable.

The registration only will take place via the promoters' website, which is .
Participants must have a valid e-mail address and provide real personal data.

Registration fee
The participation is free of charge.

The participant declares to be the sole and exclusive owner of the uploaded photographs.

Use of imagesThe winning photographs remains at exclusive property of the authors who authorises the promoters to use, reproduce and publish them by any electronic mean, free of charge and without time limit; in particular, but not as a limiting factor, on websites, social networks, etc.
Printed materials may be produced for institutional purpose by the partners. For this intent, authors will be contacted individually. In any case, the name of the authors will be reported to who may use the photographs.
The authors are not entitled for any economic remuneration in case of publication of the photographs on magazines, newspapers, website and/or social networks.
The printed photographs used for the exhibition will remain property of the promoters.

The sole responsible of the uploaded contents is the author. The promoter declines any responsibility for the images uploaded by the user and possible infringements of copyright.
In all circumstances, generally, the participating photographers undertake to release and to free the promoter from any claim, request, responsibility and from any property right or claim by third parties linked to the contents.

General terms
Any legal recourse is excluded.
The promoter will use and store personal data with care and corresponding to Swiss laws of privacy.
No correspondence will be held about the contest.
Should the English translation of these rules differ from the Italian original, the Italian version is binding.