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Dreams & nightmares. They are inspired by our fantasies fantasies or real life events. By the small things of the daily life. By the fragments of our memory - yeah, the fragmented thoughts that come out as gibberish, as the must dos & and the must don'ts. The love diaries of the souls trapped in the Traumraum tell a story that keeps away from logic and cynicism in an almost superstitious way. Innocent bodies, naive and calm figures, erotic auras. You can see their feelings switching fast from shyness to deep lust. Their shudders, their excitement are so obvious in the dark.

Anything grandiose or imposing, the hubbub of the human existence can stay behind the doors of this room. Allowed are only the ones who can feel the majesty of a pure aura, the beauty of eros, the plasticity of a womanly body and finally, the ceremonial celebration of what can happen in a chamber. You may remain silent, but your excited cheeks just gave you the key to enter this world of lucid dreaming. Welcome to the Traumraum!

"Traumraum" is an invented term whom's purpose is to fire up the pathos and let bloom all the sheer forms of existence that may pop out of dreams and memories. It's also set to awaken sexual fantasies. A world where the lust of (and for) the human body leads to a series of free, emotional and pristine movements. It's a way to find yourself, through diving deeper into your subconscious. Traum in German means dream. All those we hide inside us subconsciously or secret habits that are not accepted while we're awake and fully conscious visit us in disguise as dreams. The bodies of this specific vision are meant to take you to the land of eroticism and the journey to there is as unique and untameable as the sexual desire.

As said, the dreams are trapped in our subconscious - in the Raum, which in German means room, and creates the perfect scenery, similar to cinematic sequences of emotionally charged bodies where the nude presence is either extravagantly comfortable being the centre of attention or doesn't fit anywhere, trapped in the Raum as it is, offering a hedonistic spectacle of broken hallucinations.

Traumraum is a work in progress that came to life and roots from a neverending anthropocentric artistic research around the female aura. The black&white carefully curated series of photographs present bodies of women - dressed or undressed, captured in their stoic uniqueness. Like a circle with the female body being its centre, those photographs make it easier for the viewer to understand the complex female nature and psyche, while, at the same time, also give a moment of empowerment to the heroines of the Raum. For this project and in order to bring the haze of a dream, expired black&white films were used. Nobody knew what would appear on these photos, as nobody knows what kind of dream they will dream at night.

Everybody can enter the Traumraum - if you're being you, you'll manage to unlock the door!