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Ooldouz Alaei Novin


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Staged documents of a timeless history

The remembrance of the moment that belonged to you, the continuous sound of the tick tuck of the clock which never stops working, or getting along with the accident in the back lane, weeks ago that even didn't cause anyone to be killed. The sound of the strange steps which are getting closer and closer but never reach you and all those secrets, lies, envies, sorrows, tears, and memories which never are far from you bit still never as close as you need and wish. The small world where you end you life, never gives you the chance to make a pleasant memory of yourself, being satisfied with your past and future. Pictures are just the associations of our imaginations to live a life, which is always with you but never thoroughly yours. Pictures are just the associations of the tales of yesterday and tomorrow and today is a combination of both which seems newer to be for its own sake.

This is the story of a time Iran was experiencing the most critical era after the 1979 revolution. Time of the outbreak of demonstrations against the 2009 election in Iran called the Green Movement. It was such a shocking event that it took everyone so long to understand and digest what had happened. These photographs aren’t documentary shots of the scenes on the street. Instead, these are “staged photographs” of the time. A documentary photograph of an exact event or a scene is a visual description of that exact moment while these staged photographs aren’t only descriptions of specific moments but demonstrate the essence of that time. If making an analogy between still photography and the mood of the time, stillness is the aura of both.

In this project I intend to reveal the frozen, still atmosphere of the country at the time by creating a series of photographs in which there is no trace of the demonstrations or the crowd. Photographs convey the circumstance the whole nation was in. The void we were all in. As if the time stopped while all these changes were happening. A frozen slot of history we were trapped in.