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Cine Marrocos

This photos are made in a building in the center of São Paulo, the most big city of Brazil. The Marrocos building carries a lot of the history in thos walls that counts the changes of the city. It has been a place for giants and fine offices and in it's first floor there worked one of the most luxury movie theaters of Latinamerica. All this around the 1950's until 1990's.

With the pssage of the years the changes of the city and the immobiliary exploration that tourned the center an decadent place the movie theater closed and the 12 floors of the building got empty. Around the end of 2013 more than 3.000 people invaded the place turning it in one of the most big illegal occupations of São Paulo.

Now they are soffering with pression from the police and the municipality to leave the place. We are photographing this empityness of the place that used to be very luxury, got decadent, and now is a passing of hope for those who dosen't have a place to live and had to go fast leaving things behind.

This is portrait of a cultural and habittational crises that lives Brasil know. Where the movies go to the shoppings and people are send far from the center of the cities. All that arrests there now is empityness.

This photos where taken betwen march and june of 2016 by Coletivo Gringo formed by Gabriela Di Bella and Gui Christ. (Please consider the credits for it has Coletivo Gringo)