Project Detail: Scars / Cicatrices.


Verzasca FOTO Festival Awards 2017


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David Arribas


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Scars / Cicatrices.

Spain is one of the few countries where the hunting with greyhounds is a legal activity. What was a way of survival for the familiar core on rural areas,
now (when it is not a vital activity anymore) has been reinvented and turned into a sport, preserving is practice into the tradicional culture
of the country.

At the ending of the hunting season, on February, the dogs that are not useful either by injuries, lack of competivity or by the age, are abandoned or,
on the worst of cases, are deleted using practices highly agresive such as being hung.

Dogs shelters and houses of reception try to give a dignified life to the higher quantity of this abandoned hounds, touching unfortunate conditions
of over poblation.

The spanish laws, that are not strict concerning animal rights, keep this situation going on each year.