Project Detail: TECHNI-COLOUR


Verzasca FOTO Festival Awards 2017


Verzasca Foto


Robin Austen


Project Info


This short series investigates the use of contemporary colour, particularly that in post-recession advertising.

Once mostly dominated by the 'Instagram' aesthetic to invoke a sense of memory and loyalty towards a brand, Ad campaigns such as those for Sharwoods, Deezer and (among many others) have moved towards more vibrant and saturated colour pallets since the end of the recession, attempting to stimulate the viewing public, and glorify the most mundane of products.

Using this idea as a base, i create colour progressions, always carrying one colour used in any image forward to the next, and assessing the combinations ability to excite an everyday object in the viewers mind.

Taking influences from photographic construction and collage, I lead the viewer to question process employed in the making of the images, playing with perception to comment on both the reality of advertised products, and the constructed nature of contemporary photographs.

All i do know is, i have never been more excited at the prospect of buying a pair of scissors, a pack of noodles or a feminine hygiene product before.