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Nera di Verzasca 2018


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Patricia Ackerman


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The water dreams

The water and the language refer as any other thing to the idea of origin. No life without water, scientists tell us. In the beginning was the word, says the tradition. Water is the foundation of life, language is the foundation of our idea of life.

Water is a chemical formula, but also a metaphor. The water, like poetry, adopts multiple forms and the avoids all, passes a physical state to another as they pass the words, sounds and images through our States of mind.

In the literature we can find references of water as a symbol of life (when water flows), like death (in stagnant waters), for purification, personification of the soul and of the Great Gods and also as a step of life.

Before being a conscious spectacle, all landscape is a dream experience [...]. For certain dreamers, water is the new movement that invites us to a journey never realized.

“…A stunned river / that rises from his bed

and flows, between the air, towards the sky.

Leads us to a land where an agonizing hell pants,

lips where the sky rains / and the water sings and born paradises..."

Octavio Paz