Project Detail: 'Ruined'


Nera di Verzasca 2018


Verzasca Foto


Permesang Anna


Project Info


'Ruined' is about the mistakes that I made during the process of analogue photography. I was struggling with this type of photography in the beginning, but I quickly acquired a liking of the mistakes. Instead of accepting my work as ruined, I started to think about what use mistakes can be to one.

This series is not only about living with your mistakes but make the best of them – not only in art but also in life. After I started being frustrated about all the fails in my photographs, in the end I couldn't be happier about every single one of them. All of them make the photos unique, nothing was manipulated with photoshop. The art was created by chance. It is not easy for me to give up control – probably this project was also a lesson for me that sometimes it is best to let go and give the art some space to create itself.

"Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity." So if we can relate to this saying of the ancient greek philosopher Democritus, then why should art be excluded from it. It is part of the universe - it is part of human being. Art is also the fruit of chance and necessity as we all are, so ultimately this is the most conclusive way for me to create something truly real.

As this is only the start of a lifelong series of collecting my 'ruined' pieces, I will probably never see a mistake just as a mistake but a chance to create something out of it. Not only in art but also in life.