Project Detail: The northern lights are fading


Nera di Verzasca 2018


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Irina Aksenova


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The northern lights are fading

Nikel is an urban-type settlement in the northern part of the Kola Peninsula. Among the Russian industrial cities and towns Nikel is the northernmost and one of the worst-polluted areas in the Barents Region. For a long time it remained a restricted-access town and the entry thereto was only possible with authorized permits.

The Nikel town-forming enterprise is its mining and smelting company. Nickel ore mining and its processing is considered to be one of the most hazardous productions in the world. There are rumors from year to year about a forthcoming shutdown of these integrated works. Notwithstanding severe conditions the people are still staying here, continuing to build their further life.

The project involves young adults aged between 17 and 35 who were born and grew up in Nikel township. It is about the life of the post-industrial generation of the stagnant system closed for decades, about their attempt to find themselves and escape thereof. This area seems to be a sort of decoration scenery for an anti-utopic film. It introduces the life tonality, creates invisible boundaries which cannot be penetrated.