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The Great Exodus

Rohingya people, one of the most persecuted communities in the world, have recently become victim of ethnic cleansing led by Myanmar’s armed forces, continuing from the last several decades. Rohingya is a Muslim minority in the northern Rakhine state of a Myanmar. Despite 1.3 Million being a greater number, they have been enlisted as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh while only 40000 of them hold citizenship. This propels a clear indication of genocidal state since August 25, 2017, following which nearly one million people of this ethnic Muslim community fled to Bangladesh to seek refuge from the chaotic area in the Rakhain state of Mayanmar. From then onwards, the sufferings and agony of these people know no bound. Their houses were burnt, assets were seized, and their belongings were killed. 655,000 to 700,000 Rohingya people are estimated to have fled to Bangladesh in a matter of few days due to the influx rate being highly influential. However, the number has increased to nine hundred thousand. Many of the elderly people and children lost their family members. Rohingya people are hardly getting basic needs. People are living with little food, medicine and other needs. Living as a refugee in a camp and having very little help from the other people is the Rohingya’s current situation. They fear that they will never be able to get back to their country, where their citizenship is denied. This tragedy period seems never ending.