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Verzasca Foto Festival Awards - 2019 Nera Prize


Verzasca Foto


Solange Adum Abdala


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2014. Digital photomontage

Life supposes ties that connect different beings: we all require others to live, and that fact, in some way makes us lose part of our unique essence, but in turn it complements us. This is how life is seen as a plural, the importance of that constant contact that unites us to a greater whole, the ecosystem and constellation of which we are a part.

To portray this plurality and intrinsic vitality of being alive, the series Montes proposes a set of 7 photo montages based on photographs of dense bio systems. The result: landscapes that allude to the exuberance of life, to the exchange of energies that make us feel part of life, and at the same time it reduces us from our particularities thus generating a collective life.